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General Championship & Breed Club Show Calendar 2019

On this page, you will find details of General & Group Championship Show dates as well as Breed Club Open & Championship Show dates. Judges & dates are given where known (others will be added/amended later - this is NOT the finished page). If there are any errors or omissions, please let us know by emailing us


Date Society/Club Type of Show Judge
January 4 Boston & DCS CH (no CCs)  
January 6 The Cocker Spaniel Club Match Puppy/Veteran Challenge. Judge TBA on the day
January 19 Manchester
CH Dr Ronald James
January 27 West of England Cocker Club Open Meg Allard (Dralla)
Special Awards: Gill Thomas (Whisperwood)
February 2 North Wales Cocker Club Open Mrs P Meaker (Meakwood)
February 3 Coventry Cocker Club Open Mr A Hoskins (Hanley)
February 9 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club CH D: Mrs K Bennett (Royoni, Australia) 
B: Mrs B Ward (Wensum)
February 16 Home Counties Cocker CH D:
February 17 Cocker Club of Lancashire
London Cocker Society
Bryan McCabe-Bell (Grandtully)
February 23 Solid Colour Cocker Assoc CH D: Mrs S Gladman (Chativore)
B: Mrs S Shinkfield (Notrella)
March 2 Ulster Cocker Club Open  
March 3 Hants & Sussex Cocker Open  
March 11 Crufts CH D: Mrs S Leeding (Floroyal)
B: Mr M Parkinson (Dillonpark)
March 16 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Cheryl Blackley (Wightroche)
March 17 North of England Cocker Association Open  
March 30 S Wales & Mon Cocker Club CH D: Mr A Jones (Shenmore)
B: Mr A Curry (Lodore)
March 31 Yorkshire Cocker Club Open  
April 6 Midland Cocker Club Open Mrs M Hatton (Royaldean)
April 14 Cocker Club of Scotland CH D:
April 21 East Anglian Cocker Society CH D: Mr D Telford (Courtmaster)
B: Mrs E Felszeghy (Slovakia)
April 26 WELKS CH Mrs H Macdonald (Moonwood)
May 4 Rotherham & District Cocker Club
Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club
May 5 Cheshire Cocker Club CH D:
May 12 Birmingham National CH Miss S Pinkerton (Bareve)
May 17 SKC CH Mr K Wilberg
May 24 Bath CH Mr K Grice (Kyna)
May 26 Coventry Cocker Club Open Mrs Christine Pollok (Thurness)
May 31 Southern Counties CH  
June 6 Three Counties CH Mrs C Coode
June 15 Border Union CH  
June 21 Blackpool CH Mr G Lawlor (Roqfolly)
June 27 Windsor CH  
July 5 East of England CH Mrs E Gates
July 14 The Cocker Spaniel Club CH D: Miss P Whitehead
B: Mr D Shapland
July 20 London Cocker Society Open  
July 21 N Midlands & E Counties Cocker Club Open Mrs Jill Kengyelics (Hebdene)
July 26 Leeds CH  
August 3 Paignton CH Mrs D Grice (Kyna)
August 4 National Gundog CH D: Miss S Whiting (Annilann)
B: Miss C Morris (Riondel)
August 10 Cocker Club of Lancashire CH D:
August 11 Bournemouth CH
Mrs S Williams (Wilmerella)
August 10? Hants & Sussex Cocker Club Open  
August 16 Welsh Kennel Club CH  
August 24 Scottish Kennel Club CH  
August 30 City of Birmingham CH Mrs M Sweeney (Marionswood)
September 6 Richmond CH  
September 7 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Louise Harrison (Lourisma)
September 13 Darlington CH Mr T R Bunting (Mossdew)
September 19 Driffield CH  
September 22 East Anglian Cocker Society Open  
September 28
Belfast CH  
September 29 Ulster Cocker Club
Mr M Collins (Candyke)
October 5 Yorkshire Cocker Club Open  
October 11 South Wales KA CH Mr L Hunt (Setthornes)
October 12 Home Counties Cocker Club Open  
October 13 West of England Cocker Club CH D: Mr K Costello (Judika)
B: Mrs G Pearce-Gudger (Pearkim)
October 16 Gundog of Wales CH  
October 19 North Wales Cocker Club Open Louise Clark (Harbethol)
October 24 Midland Counties CH  
October 26 Solid Colours Cocker Association Open  
November 2 Rotherham & District Cocker Club CH D: Mrs G Pearce-Gudger (Pearkim)
November 9 Gundog Breeds of Scotland
S Wales & Mon Cocker Club
 Mr C Saevitch
November 10 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club Open  
November 17 Midland Cocker Club Open Mrs S Hutson (Stobytill)
November 23 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club Open  
November 24 N Midlands & E Counties Cocker Club Open Miss Victoria Ellis (Shannara)
November 30 Coventry Cocker Club CH D: Mrs C Share-Jones (Sharemead)
B: Mr G Parker (Weyhill)
December 7 London Cocker Society CH D: Mrs A Holmes (Kenan)
B: Mrs L Palmer (Robraine)
December 14 LKA CH Mrs J Richards




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