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General Championship & Breed Club Show Calendar 2020

On this page, you will find details of General & Group Championship Show dates as well as Breed Club Open & Championship Show dates. Judges & dates are given where known (this is NOT the finished page as dates frequently alter after publication/judges added at a later date etc). If there are any errors or omissions, please let us know by emailing us

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of dog shows from March through toSeptember have been either cancelled or postponed

Date Society/Club Type of Show Judge
January 5 The Cocker Spaniel Club Match Puppy/Veteran Challenge. Judge TBA on the day
January 10 Boston & DCS CH (no CCs) Mrs H Moorat (Langleybury)
January 19 Manchester
CH Mr T Mather
January 25 Hants & Sussex Cocker Club CH D: Mrs L Reed (Delindere)
B: Ms E Thomas (Claramand)
January 26 West of England Cocker Club Open Mrs S Rihoy (Sunnerset)
Special Awards: Ceylan Yilmaz (Anlasana)
February 1 Coventry Cocker Club Open Miss P Carey (Of Ware & Falconers)
Special Awards: Miss J Tracz (Acregate)
February 2 North Wales Cocker Club Open Mr T Borman (Sonic)
February 8 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club Open Miss J Pretty (Joaldy)
February 9 Home Counties Cocker Club CH D: Mrs S Adams (Tillarn)
B: Mrs S Cox (Suvern)
February 16 London Cocker Society
Mrs L Harrison (Lourisma)
Special Awards: Mrs J Whitworth
February 16 Cocker Club of Lancashire Open Mrs C Sharp
February 29 N Midlands & E Counties Cocker Club CH D: Mr D Todd (Chataway)
B: Mr R Webb (Speechouse)
March 6 Crufts CH D: Mr I Scott (Middlegill)
B: Mr M Boswell (Marquell)
March 14 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Anne Sutton (Shirepark)
March 15 North of England Cocker Association
CH D: Miss D Young (Canyonn)
B: Mr B Foster
March 28 S Wales & Mon Cocker Club
CH D: Miss S M Ellison (Withiflor)
B: Miss S Amos-Jones (Cassom)
March 29 Yorkshire Cocker Club CANCELLED Open Mrs S Shields (Wilholme)
April 4 Midland Cocker Club CANCELLED CH D: Mr A Crossley (Atherbron)
B: Mrs F Bard (Franaille)
April 12 Cocker Club of Scotland CANCELLED CH D: Mrs L Strong (Ladlor)
B: Mr A Moss (Ewtor)
CH Mr R C Wyatt (Kendalwood)
April 26 Cheshire Cocker Club CANCELLED Open Mrs L Challands (Annilann)
May 2 Rotherham & Dist Cocker Club CANCELLED Open Mario Sonia Marques (Haradwater)
May 2 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club
Open Mrs Carol Steeples (Casrod)
Special Awards: Cornelia Norrie-Miller (Popocatepetl)
May 3 Solid Colours Cocker Assoc CANCELLED
Open Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)
Sp Awards: Joanna Kew (Wylyeview)
May 7 Birmingham National CANCELLED CH Mr M J Howes (Medogold)
May 16 SKC CANCELLED CH Mr P Pavey (Joneva)
May 17 East Anglian Cocker Soc CANCELLED Open Jane Smith (Luanshya)
Special Awards: TBC
May 23 Coventry Cocker Club CANCELLED Open Judge: Melissa Apers (Wigglings)
Special Awards: Hilde Provost (Troubles In Paradise)
May 25 Bath CANCELLED CH Mrs S Bunting (Mossdew)
May 31 Southern Counties CANCELLED CH Mr I J Sparham
June 7 Three Counties
CH Mrs T Beswick (Cachel)
June 21 Border Union CANCELLED CH Mrs M Forfar (Glasedin)
June 27 Blackpool CH Mrs S Telford (Courtmaster)
July 3 Windsor CANCELLED CH Mr A Scourfield (Danton)
July 10 East of England CANCELLED CH Mrs F M Glendinning (Plaiglen)
July 12 The Cocker Spaniel Club
CH D: Mrs B Ward (Wensum)
B: Mrs L Parker (Weyhill)
July 19 London Cocker Society Open Mrs B Bodle (Kitarn)
Special Awards: Mrs L McCourt
July 19 N Mids & E Counties Cocker Club CANCELLED Open Paula Whitham (Arrifana)
Special Awards: Sarah Amatt
July 24 Leeds CANCELLED CH Mr C Woodward (Wadeson)
August 1 Paignton CANCELLED CH Mrs A Corbett (Trimere)
August 2 National Gundog CANCELLED CH D: Mrs I Glen
August 23 Welsh Kennel Club CANCELLED CH  
August 29 Scottish Kennel Club CANCELLED CH  
September 5 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Wendy Grist (Kasordon)
September 6 City of Birmingham CANCELLED CH Mrs P Lester (Quettadene)
September 11 Richmond CANCELLED CH Mrs S M Marshall
September 13 Cocker Club of Lancashire Open Mrs P Meaker (Meakwood)
September 18 Darlington CANCELLED CH Miss A Hughes (Glantraeth)
September 26
Ulster Cocker Club

Mr M W Sanders
Mrs D Clubb
September 27 East Anglian Cocker Society Open Mrs L Wilding (Jayzander)
October 2 Driffield CANCELLED CH Mrs R Adams (Whinburn)
October 3 Yorkshire Cocker Club CH D: Mrs J L Hooper (Spendles)
B: Mr K Costello (Judika)
October 5 Bournemouth

Mrs J Gill-Davis (Rosecourt)
October 7 Gundog of Wales CH Mr C G Tain (Taimere)
October 10 South Wales KA CANCELLED CH Mrs V Flowers (Totenkopf)
October 11 West of England Cocker Club Open Ms Aggie Cory (Ottigi)
Special Awards: Jackie Ray
October 17 Cheshire Cocker Club Open Mrs V Taylor (Triveka)
October 18 Cocker Club of Scotland Open Gary Green (Meloneras)
October 24 Midland Counties CH Mrs A Hackett (Lindridge)
October 25 North Wales Cocker Club CH D: Mrs Glynis Goodwin (Sarabar)
B: Mr M Masters (Manchela)
October 31 Solid Colours Cocker Assoc Open Tracey Sherlock (Crimicar)
Sp. Awards: Ria Dennis (Oakrosa)
November 7 Rotherham & Dist Cocker Club Open Judith Carruthers (Stanegate)
November 14 Gundog Breeds of Scotland
 Mr D Ericsson
November 15 Midland Cocker Club Open Miss Nicola Craig (Nicibec)
November 21 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club CH D: Miss A Kettle (Lujesa)
B: Mr M Wildman
November 22 N Mids & E Counties Cocker Club Open Samantha Hutson (Stobytill)
November 28 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club Open Mark Dott (Manchela)
December 5 London Cocker Society CH D: Mrs S Ewan (Craigdean)
B: Mr P Darby (Dargess)
December 13 LKA CH  




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