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Championship Show Photos 2017


DCC & RDCC July 2017
L-R: Sh Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW (RDCC), Gardenstone Pale Rider to Suvern JW (DCC)

BCC & RBCC July 2017
L-R: Danton Holy Quest (BCC), Manchela Where The Heart Is (RBCC)

BPD & BVD July 2017
L-R: Spendles Spin In Silver (BMPD & BPD), Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star (BVD)

BPB & BMPB July 2017
L-R: Withiflor Fairy Tale (BMPB), Cassom Margot Fonteyn (BPB)

BVB July 2017
Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW (BVB)


All photos © Annie Kettle







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