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DCC & BIS Lester's Sh Ch Quettadene Copper Glow
RDCC Masters' Sh Ch Manchela Blue Lagoon
BPD & BPIS Bentley's Canigou Caught In The Dark
BMPD Lill's Classicway Chinwag at Rosbercon

BCC & RBIS Platt's Charbonnel Frankette
RBCC Platt's Sh Ch Charbonnel Lynette
BPB Telford's Courtmaster Catch A Dream
BMPB Craig's Alisma Antonia

BIS Ch Show 2003
DCC & BIS Lester's Sh Ch Quettadene Copper Glow RDCC (centre)
Platt's Charbonne Frankette BCC & RBIS (right)
BPD & BPIS Bentley's Canigou Caught In The Dark (left)

Ch Show 2003, DCC & RDCC
L-R Sh Ch Manchela Blue Lagoon RCC,
Sh Ch Quettadene Copper Glow CC & BIS

Ch Show 2003, BCC & RBCC
L-R Charbonne Frankette BCC & RBIS,
Sh Ch Charbonnel Lynette RBCC

Ch Show 2003, BPIS
Canigou Caught In The Dark BPIS

Total Entry: 394 Cockers

DOGS (Judge: Mrs J Caddy)

AOC Puppy
1 Atkia Raffter At Richian
2 Kyna Bandmaster
3 Glowhill Pistol Pete
4 Bitcon Matchmaker
5 Candyke African Suite

AOC Novice
1 Charbonnel Shake N Stevens
2 Zareepiott Dollar Express At Floroyal
3 Islanza Carry On Harry
4 Lochranza Quizzical
5 Glasfryn Sergeant Pepper

AOC Graduate
1 C Shake N Stevens
2 Willowroan Bowjangles JW
3 Basso Alber Profundo
4 Weirdene Whistler
5 Wilmerella Blue Wizard

AOC Open
1 Sh Ch Manchela Blue Lagoon JW   RCC
2 Mossdew Silver Dollar
3 Rancecraig Pickpocket
4 Judena Moonraker
5 Winterstale Status Quo

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Canigou Caught In The Dark   BPD & BPIS
2 Claramand Rock N Roll With Molkara
3 Withiflor White Knight
4 Claramand Hells Angel
5 Chavez Royal Cavalier

Black/B&T Novice
1 Quintavia Quantum Leap
2 Reudenza Exuberance

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Canyonn Classic Black

Black/B&T Open
1 Mor Ch Cornbow International
2 Kelbonny Quiet Man At Gillerlane

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Charbonnel Double Dutch
2 Deracor Drifting Wood
3 Bellvalley Gold Guard
4 Nicibec Harvest Glow

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Robraine Tendulkar
2 Benira Cheeky Chappie
3 B Gold Guard
4 Kaniboo Golden Classic

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Lujesa Diavolo JW
2 Wensum I'm Your Man JW
3 Cardamine Jupiter With Christiol
4 Kaniboo Golden Knight Of Bellvalley

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sh Ch Quettadene Copper Glow   CC & BIS
2 Cardamine Flagship At Richian

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Humbar Crackers With Pearkim
2 Pearkim Parable

1 Sh Ch Withiflor Otis Blue
2 Sh Ch Lujesa Happy Too
3 Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Mossdew Celtic Swing
4 Blenkarn Antonio
5 Glowhill Gemstone At San Matayo

Minor Puppy
1 Classicway Chin Wag At Rosbercon  BMPD
2 Salandals Sea Hawk
3 Craigdean Charlie Choc
4 Lynwater Solar Beam
5 C Royal Cavalier

1 C Caught In The Dark
2 C Rock N Roll With M
3 B Matchmaker
4 Glasedin Gentle Reminder
5 L Quizzical

1 C Shake N Stevens
2 Acquelin Apollo
3 Bitcon Blue Bayou
4 Riondel Manhattan Serenade
5 Wensum Jensen Button

1 Manchela Silver Ghost
2 R Tendulkar
3 L Quizzical
4 Scomar Clever Clogs

1 C Shake N Stevens
2 M Silver Ghost
3 W Whistler
4 Sahara Sun Over Reinots
5 Alcyone Smoky Ellestial

Special Beginners
1 Candyke Tennessee Moon
2 Finkyme Reckless Eric At Freshet
3 Islanza Cantona
4 Lorebank Aurelius
5 A Smoky Ellestial

1 Withiflor Blue Genius
2 Robraine Davendra JW
3 Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
4 Glasedin Galileo
5 Falconers Cotillion of Ware

Minor Limit
1 Helenwood Technique JW
2 Whisperwood Whizz Kid
3 Chavez Royal Purser
4 Falconers Emphatic of Ware
5 Rancecraig Pickpocket

1 Squiretime Explorer
2 Penmartan Artful Antics
3 Judika Prairie Gold
4 Castanea Sonneteer
5 F Emphatic of W

1 (Sh Ch) Bitcon Pickpocket
2 Sheigra Special Vintage JW
3 Ir Sh Ch Gwendraeth Crescent Moon
4 F Cotillion of W
5 Elphil Phenomenon


BITCHES (Judge: Mrs A Hackett)

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Charbonnel Goesdutch
2 Claramand Pirouette
3 Deracor Davina
4 Forestpine Ray Of Light
5 Weirdene Will Be News

Black/B&T Novice
1 Lujesa Soul To Soul
2 Claramand Looking Good
3 D Davina
4 Dillonpark Phoebe For Astrabrook
5 Sunzo Sousa

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Wensum Mardi Gras
2 Weyhill Gabrielle
3 Asquannes Gueva of Daraydala

Black/B&T Open
1 Sh Ch Charbonnel Lynette JW   RCC
2 Claramand Do Lally At Molkara
3 Robraine Rahanna JW
4 Sh Ch Cavalingo Wizadora
5 Lochranza None Sweeter JW

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Forestpine Bright New Star
2 Rhuston Red Red Wine

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Judika Charmed
2 Lynwater Wren

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Fendrove I'm No Angel At Claramand
2 Claramand B-Having At Merryhaze
3 Chavez First Choice

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sheigra Swinging Sixties JW
2 Othamcourt Sunkist At Cascadia JW
3 Golden Savannah
4 Lynwater Fire Bird Over Kaysta

AOC Puppy
1 Marquell Miss Marple
2 Angmor Sunset Glow
3 Dandyjans Biscotti With Kalrizienne
4 Bencleuchs Bellisma
5 Lynwater Glowlight

AOC Novice
1 Avandora Heaven Scent To Clavaire
2 Kinvale Dream Time
3 Shellcoast Shakira
4 Bannachra Blue Lagoon
5 Paddockway Love Heart via Springstein

AOC Graduate
1 Classicway Clarity
2 Terriles Tallulah
3 Alisma Arrina
4 Sirrah Silver Sixpence
5 Nosana Saffron Surprise

AOC Open
1 (Sh Ch) Jardinisle Serenity
2 (Sh Ch) Wilmerella Wayward
3 Littlewick Fashion Doll
4 Charbonnel Wait N See At Meakwood

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Ashenberry Allsocks
2 Bowbrook Golden Sparkler

1 Sh Ch Speechouse Sault St Marie
2 Sh Ch Charbonnel Amorette
3 Ashenberry Bed Socks
4 Cascadia Caution To The Wind JW
5 Glasedin Generation Game

Minor Puppy
1 Alisma Antonia  BMPIS
2 Chavez Royal Legacy
3 Claramand Pirouette
4 Clwyden Why Not
5 Jannors Battle Baby

1 Courtmaster Catch A Dream  BPB
2 Molkara Pillow Talk
3 A Sunset Glow
4 Kyna Calamity Jane
5 Sharemead Infuential

1 C Clarity
2 Riondel Caribbean Blue
3 Jimmison Jinseng
4 Wensum Jane Eyre
5 Quintavia Quintessence

1 J Charmed
2 Starbourne Floribunda
3 Reinots Roseanna
4 Oakmeadows Dreamweaver

1 A Heaven Scent To C
2 Marquell Misprint
3 D Phoebe For A
4 Llewben Mystical Sapphire
5 Lapidary Calypso

Special Beginners
1 A Heaven Scent To C
2 Kanietter Bejewelled
3 Symbiosis Soul Star
4 Charbonnel Romantic Avec Quintavia
5 Broanglen One & Only

1 Charbonnel Frankette  CC & RBIS
2 Sheigra Solar Symphony JW
3 Asquannes Gueva Of D
4 Charbonnel Wild Child At Quintavia
5 Classicway Cointreau

Minor Limit
1 Quettadene Amelia At Dillonpark JW
2 Lynwater Dawn Flush
3 Daraydala Desire
4 Ferrersedge Madeleine
5 Chataway Over The Rainbow

1 Helenwood Irresistabelle
2 Asquannes Giselle With Ellgars
3 Quettadene Liberty With Notrella JW
4 Wilmerella Weathergirl
5 Ashalon Shady Lady

1 Charbonnel Playtime At Quintavia
2 Symbiosis Soul Star
3 Asquannes Glacier At Lyntonridge
4 L Fire Bird Over K

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