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Championship Show 2005
L-R Quettadene Be Charming (BPIS),
(Sh Ch) Lochranza For Your Eyes Only (DCC & BIS),
Sh Ch Asquannes Gizane JW (BCC & RBIS)

DCC & BIS Gillespie's (Sh Ch) Lochranza For Your Eyes Only
RDCC Spencer's Terriles Tonuelo JW
BPD Grice's Kyna By Design
BMPD Gain's Molkara Masarati

BCC & RBIS Webster's Sh Ch Asquannes Gizane JW
RBCC Young's Canyonn Classic Charms
BPB & BPIS Lester's Quettadene Be Charming
BMPB & BMPIS Mace's Fonesse Fiona

Total Entry: 389 Cockers

DOGS (Judge:Mr D Telford)

AOC Puppy
1 Kyna By Design  BPD
2 Candyke Diamond White
3 Olibond Double O Seven
4 Sanmargra Moto Perpetuo
5 Lapidary Revolution

AOC Novice
1 Chativore Mr Dusty
2 Pontisbright Hi Ho Silver
3 Glowhill Young Gun At San Matayo
4 Sonham Double Trouble

AOC Graduate
1 Shenmore Star Myth
2 Alisma Alzaghe
3 Classicway Cambridge Blue JW
4 Reinots Rivalino
5 Llewben Dream Maker To Sanmargra

AOC Open
1 (Sh Ch) Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
2 Sh Ch Penmarten Artful Antics
3 Sp Ch Los Ombues VIP
4 Classicway Chinwag At Rosbercon JW
5 Wilmerella Magic Circle

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Marquell Moving Glance At Pearkim
2 Annilan Mister Ron
3 Manchela Wishbone JW
4 Winterstale Status Quo
5 Persian Gent At Pingate

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Charbonnel Interlord
2 Claramand Walking Shadow
3 Pendedell Salvatore
4 Notrella Athenian Night
5 Chataway Rock Star

Black/B&T Novice
Entry absent

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Quintavia Quantum Leap

Black/B&T Open
Entry Absent

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Quettadene Warm Welcome
2 Claramand X Factor
3 Sharemead Sentinel
4 Cardamine Cocoa Bean NAF

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Lujesa Ecstacy
2 Asquannes Goldstein
3 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand
4 Framod Dream Chaser At Clarksland
5 Wildvale Rioja

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Lochranza For Your Eyes Only   DCC & BIS
2 Nicibec Harvest Glow
3 F Dream Chaser At C
4 Sunzo Square Dance

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Lux Ch Charbonnel Desert Gold
2 Sh Ch/Sp Ch Helenwood Technique JW

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Humbar Crackers With Pearkim
2 Pearkim Parable

1 Zakova Twice As Nice
2 Sh Ch Lujesa Happy Too JW
3 Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold JW
4 Sh Ch Withiflor Otis Blue
5 Asquannes Gopenge

Minor Puppy
1 Molkara Maserati  BMPD
2 Dralla The Orange Maverick At Pearkim
3 Candyke Don't Think Feel
4 Caron Close To Me
5 Fonesse Finyon

1 Q Warm Welcome
2 Terriles Tamino
3 Cardamine Catalyst
4 Richian Shanghi
5 Rushmi Huckleberry Finn

1 Kyna Huckleberry Finn
2 S Star Myth
3 Clavaire Heart Breaker
4 Manchela Stormrider
5 Kendalwood Kitchener

1 (Sh Ch) Helenwood Fixation JW
2 S Star Myth
3 Annashonn Mr Billy
4 Glasedin Guiding Star
5 Staplehill Sentastage

1 L Ecstacy
2 C Mr Dusty
3 A Goldstein
4 N Athenian Night
5 Cardamine The Sable Flame

1 P Hi Ho Silver

Special Beginners
1 Riondel Manhatton Serenade ShCM
2 Brynceri Beethoven By Staplehill
3 M Midas Touch By C
4 Blueacre Star Quest
5 Tipperlin Stuntman

1 Terriles Tonuelo JW RCC
2 Wensum Jenson Button
3 Sheigra Shooting Star JW
4 Judena Storm Force
5 Glowhill Soul Driver To Brynceri

Minor Limit
1 Charbonnel Shake N Stevens JW
2 Zakova Blue Print For Ruphill ShCM
3 Willowroan Bowjangles JW
4 Withiflor White Knight JW ShCM
5 Cardamine Hot Potato

1 Charbonnel Double Dutch
2 Tierra Highlander JW
3 Lochdene Pinpoint To Kyrenia JW
4 Wensum I'm Your Man JW
5 Powerscourt Playboy

1 Sh Ch Asquannes Granite To Ellgars JW
2 Sh Claramand Rock N Roll With Molkara JW
3 Sh Ch Glowhill Pistol Pete JW
4 Q Quantum Leap
5 B Beethoven By S


BITCHES (Judge:Mr G Parkin)

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Quettadene Be Charming  BPB & BPIS
2 Claramand Jitterbug
3 Judika Windchime
4 Chimewood Rosa Negra

Black/B&T Novice
1 Claramand Black Diamond For Fendrove
2 Sheigra Sixties Song
3 Blenkarn Rambling Rose

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Molkara Phantassie
2 Helenwood Sparklyn
3 Lochranza Posh Socks At Jayzander
4 Helenwood Shine On At Glasedin
5 Wensum Laracroft

Black/B&T Open
Entry absent

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Quintavia Wild Time
2 Quettadene Be Joyful

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Wildvale Caliterra

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Helenwood Lettice Play
2 Weeping Willows Vanille

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Othamcourt Sunkist At Cascadia JW
2 Forestpine Bright New Star
3 Sharemead Saffron
4 Claramand B-Having At Merryhaze
5 Camceb Spun Gold

AOC Puppy
1 Jacomus Jusme
2 Jardinisle Exquisite
3 Olibond Pollyanna At Ridgeackhs
4 Olibond Miss Moneypenny
5 Penmartan Turn Back Time

AOC Novice
1 Glowhill Catherine Wheel
2 Mossdew Dream Lover
3 Jardinisle Sensation
4 Winterstale Jasmin
5 Nosana Time To Shine

AOC Graduate
1 Shanaz Stoorie
2 Kendalwood Concept
3 Lynwater Evening Glow
4 Reinots Rioja
5 Lapidary Calypso

AOC Open
1 Alisma Arrina
2 Tudormist The Paradisea Dargess
3 Wiljana Dancing 'N Blue At Glasedin
4 Powerscourt Power Of Love JW
5 Shanaz Clype

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Tipperlin Eachy Peachy
2 Craigleith Modern Millie At Princehill
3 Maoroke Minnie Minx
4 Atkia Cincinette
5 Lawnswae Chocolate Fudge

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Ashenberry Allsocks At Suvern

1 Sh Ch Speechouse Sault Ste Marie
2 Sh Ch Lujesa Leonessa
3 Shipden Deanna Durbin
4 Broachdale Valentine Girl
5 Asquannes Glacier At Lyntonridge

Minor Puppy
1 Fonesse Fiona  BMPIS
2 Claramand Jitterbug
3 Judika Windchime
4 Jardinisle Etiquette
5 Joaldy Maggie May

1 Quettadene Be Charming
2 Bencleuchs Bella Lolita
3 Lujesa Oasis
4 Cassom Athene
5 Judika Whisper

1 Shenmore Siani JW
2 Kendalwood Queens Council
3 Cazden Knockando
4 Shanaz Fankle
5 Sunnerset Sweet Seduction

1 Sh Ch Asquannes Gizane JW  BCC & RBIS
2 Jacomus Posh Frock
3 Lynwater Periwinkle
4 Claramand Thriller Queen For Delindere
5 Blenkarn Honey Glow

1 Mossdew Dream Lover
2 Broachdale Athena Blue
3 Glentree Cassandra
4 Bareve Cezzaro For Brelade
5 Kendalwood Sallie Traffic

1 Molkara Phantassie
2 Glowhill Love Actually
3 Weyhill Catalina
4 Sheigra Sixties Song
5 Meakwood Mystic Memory

Special Beginners
1 Avandora Heaven Scent To Clavaire JW
2 Tipperlin Velvet Morning
3 Asquannes Grania With Franaille JW
4 Maljona Mistress Madrigal At Jalankiu
5 Oakmeadows Dreamweaver

1 Shanaz Jings Crivvens
2 Alisma Antonia JW
3 Quettadene Classic Ebony
4 Ashalon Foxy Lady
5 Kyna Jennifer Eccles

Minor Limit
1 Canyonn Classic Charms JW  RCC
2 Classicway Clarity JW
3 Glentree Goody Two Shoes
4 Cardamine Bring Me Love
5 Tipperlin Velvet Morning

1 Charbonnel Silhouette JW
2 Bencleuchs Bellisima
3 Lynwater Dawn Flush
4 Kyrenia Shannon
5 Sheigra Sixties Song

1 Sh Ch Lujesa Soul To Soul JW
2 Helenwood Irresistabelle
3 Yearling Still Dreaming
4 Quintavia Starry Eyed
5 Symbiosis Easter Star

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