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Best in Show 2008

DCC & RBIS: Glennerster's Glentree Zanette
RDCC: Grice's Sh Ch Kyna G I Joe
BPD & BPIS: Platt's Charbonnel Swedish Design
BMPD: Nugent's Nulea Over The Moon
BVD & BVIS: Lester's Sh Ch/Am/Can Ch Quettadene Copper Glow

BCC & BIS: Parkinson & Dillon's Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW
RBCC: Kettle's Lujesa Touch The Sky JW
BPB: Masters & Pavey's Manchela Silver Strands
BMPB: Borman's Sonic Drop Dead Gorgeous
BVB: Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle

Total Entry: 373 dogs

DOGS (Judge:Mrs A Webster)

AOC Puppy
1 Jayzander Trick Or Treat
2 Manchela Silver Sovereign
3 Rosbercon Relight My Fire
4 Glasedin Golden Ptarmigan
5 Gilcar Sunny Days

AOC Novice
1 Rosbercon Relight My Fire
2 Bitcon Shadow
3 Krismoor Tanfastic
4 Manchela Likely Story For Brooknor
5 Veedot Blue Pearl

AOC Graduate
1 Joaldy Batchelor Boy JW
2 Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3 Alisma Amilton
4 Winterstale Mr Cool
5 Wilmerella Indiana Jones

AOC Open
1 Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket To Ride JW
2 Ryallcourt Pie-D Piper
3 Brynceri Beethoven By Staplehill

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Worlewood Aint No Sunshine
2 Marquell Moving Glance At Pearkim
3 Abilou Starlight Of Lunetta
4 Glantraeth Moonshine

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Charbonnel Swedish Design
2 Molkara B'Daring

Black/B&T Novice
1 Claramand Masquerade For Jozelah
2 Claramand Chico Time
3 Kaniboo Midnight Diamond
4 Stromboli Billee The Kydd At Rothmia
5 Christiol Black Silk

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Canyonn Classic Welcome JW
2 Fonesse Frivolini
3 Christiol Black Attack For Oramiss
4 Lochranza Raphael
5 Sharemead Squadron Leader

Black/B&T Open
1 Sh Ch Manchela Party Trick JW ShCM
2 Sh Ch Helenwood Innovation ShCM
3 Withiflor White Friar

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Kyrenia Myosotis Mark
2 Carjinbar Peek A Boo

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Claramand Diamond High
2 Wensum Dashing Diamond
3 Helenwood Technician
4 Carjinbar Peek A Boo

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Robraine Sulamani JW
2 Fonesse Fry's Cream
3 Claramand Rough Diamond
4 Lochdene Bravado At Kyrenia
5 Jannor's Last Samurai At Merryhaze

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sh Ch Lochranza For Your Eyes Only
2 Claramand On Fire At Fendrove JW
3 Int Sh Ch Charbonnel Desert Gold
4 Helenwood Wotsisname
5 Ir Sh Ch Hilfiger Hot Chocolate Of Kerrijoy

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Su Ch Manacas High On The Hog

1 Sh Ch/Am/Can Ch Quettadene Copper Glow
2 Sh Ch Charbonnel Warlord JW
3 Claramand Up Front
4 Winterstale Status Quo
5 Candyke Tennessee Moon

Minor Puppy
1 Nulea Over The Moon
2 Annilann Mister Ral
3 Fonesse Fabiano
4 Danett Rough Diamond
5 Molkara B'Daring

1 Manchela Silver Buckle
2 Cassom Hey Jude
3 Pearkim Prediction
4 Christiol Charlies Bo Peep At Shanaudvarn
5 Gilcar Sunny Days

1 Glentree Let's Jive In Kalrizienne
2 Castanea Cockney Rebel
3 Claramand Diamond High
4 Bitcon Robin Hood
5 Joydon Keep The Line

1 Glentree Zanette
2 Courtmaster White Wizard
3 Grovern Infidel JW
4 Speechouse Vendetta
5 Lindridge Trooping Colours

1 Kyrenia Myosotis Mark
2 Claramand Chico Time
3 Gilcar Sunny Days

1 Claramand Masquerade For Jozelah
2 Manacas Learn Lifes Ropes
3 Sharemead Squadron Leader
4 Krismoor Tanfastic
5 Tipperlin Rebel Yell By Blueacre

Special Beginners
1 Lapidary Revolution JW ShCM
2 Candyke Glory Road JW
3 Olibond Peter Pan
4 Sarabar Mr Misterson
5 Glowhill Young Gun At Sanmatayo

1 Shenmore Sunny Jim
2 Jalankiu Odd Job
3 Centre Point To Debcot
4 Forestpine Class Act At Canyonn JW
5 Wildvale Rioja

Minor Limit
1 Wensum Blues And Twos JW ShCM
2 Claramand Phantom JW
3 Kelbonny Go Dutch
4 Notrella Jacob's Ladder ShCM

1 Chavez Royal Liason
2 Quintavia Star Stopper
3 Baysway Davy Boy
4 Jalankiu Odd Job
5 Dralla The Orange Maverick At Pearkim

1 Sh Ch Kyna G I Joe JW
2 Lujesa Ecstacy JW
3 Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest
4 Sh Ch Terriles Tonuelo JW
5 Jalankiu Odd Job


BITCHES (Judge:Mrs M Coar)

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Manchela Playgirl
2 Charbonnel Dream Design
3 Glentree Classic Memory
4 Marquell Call Girl
5 Glentree Classic Dior

Black/B&T Novice
1 Tojamatt Sweet Blossom
2 Canigou Tails She Wins
3 Kastrian Essence
4 Chaysonnie Diva
5 Zakova Night Diva At Evaremoc

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Helenwood Dazzlyn
2 Cascadia Cin N Gin JW
3 Lujesa Daniella At Weyhill
4 Donmyl Dominica At Sheigra
5 Wensum Billie Holiday

Black/B&T Open
1 Quettadene Seeing Stars

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Marquell Dry Ginger
2 Delindere Wanna B'The One
3 Whirlaw Lady Luella

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Canigou Tail Me A Story
2 Debcot Fury's Gal
3 Delindere Wanna B'The One
4 Helenwood Flairy Tale
5 Fleurisse Lilly Rose

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Lochranza Specially Made For Trentshome

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Fr Sh Ch Weeping Willow's V'Amourette
2 Whirlaw Lady Isabella
3 Ir Sh Ch Hilfiger Witchy Woman Of Kerrijoy

AOC Puppy
1 Sonic Drop Dead Gorgeous
2 Courtmaster Let's Tango
3 Towbray Hey Jude
4 Manchela Silver Shilling
5 Abbotsbourne Gigi At Glasedin

AOC Novice
1 Helenwood Crystal Maze
2 Manchela Love Story
3 Lindridge Carnival Queen
4 Bitcon Phoenix
5 Sharemead Mehmoona

AOC Graduate
1 Ryallcourt Ponder A While
2 Meakwood Charisma
3 Winterstale Lorna Doone
4 Shenmore Stars Go Blue
5 Manacas Laid Out In Lavender At Wilmerella

AOC Open
1 Annilann Miss Isle JW
2 Ryallcourt I-ce Pie
3 Jardinisle Etiquette
4 Jacomus Jusme

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Moonshine Nightime Solace At Charmwen JW
2 Lynwater Sweet Nutmeg
3 Freestone Total Eclipse
4 Maoroke Minnie Minx

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Ashenberry All Socks At Suvern

1 Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle
2 Kyrenia Golden Times
3 Chavez Golden Promise At Forestpine
4 Craigleith Modern Millie At Princehill

Minor Puppy
1 Jimmison Jinjarella
2 Jardinisle Secret Liason
3 Annilann Betty Boo At Joaldy
4 Classicway Chinese Lily Dargess
5 Hustonia Godetia At Forestpine

1 Manchela Silver Strands
2 Pontisbright Miss Happy
3 Asquannes Germaine
4 Shellcoast Sansavannah
5 Charbonnel Hide N Chic With Cachel

1 Canigou Tail Me A Story
2 Charbonnel Castanette Jw
3 Helenwood Crystal Maze
4 Lujesa Delphina For Ashalon
5 Fonesse Finagael

1 Jalankiu Dutch Gold
2 Jardinisle Class Act
3 Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes
4 Helenwood Dazzlyn
5 Mossdew Deep Purple

1 Kastrian Essence
2 Wizzmill Goneandunit

1 Canigou Tails She Wins
2 Lindridge Carnival Queen
3 Lujesa Casellina At Chimewood
4 Meakwood Annastasia
5 Northquest Madam Butterfly

Special Beginners
1 Asquannes Grania With Franaille JW ShCM
2 Glasedin Golden Delicious JW
3 Claramand Thriller Queen For Delindere
4 Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes
5 Kastrian Captivation JW ShCM

1 Withiflor Shining
2 Jalankiu Dutch Gold
3 Dandyjan Chardonney
4 Forestpine Dawn Chorus
5 Lujesa Speciosa ShCM

Minor Limit
1 Lujesa Touch The Sky JW
2 Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes
3 Claramand Black Ice JW
4 Jacomus Posh Frock
5 Merryhaze Martini

1 Castanea Sweet Surrender To Terriles
2 Lawnswae Ribbon
3 Penmartan Turn Back Time
4 Jalankiu Dutch Gold
5 Marada Glow Of Elegance At Hebdene

1 Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW
2 Forestpine Bright New Star
3 Dandyjan Chardonney
4 Sofus Melody Maker
5 Lux Ch Weeping Willow's Vanille


The Phylis Masters Special Brace Class
Judge: Mr J Clarke (Cornbow)
1 Mrs G Lindquist
2 Mrs J Marris-Bray
3 Mr T A Miles
4 Mr & Mrs L Forfar
5 Mrs C M Cook

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