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Field Trial Results 2012

held on August 1 2012 at Castle Bolton by kind permission of Lord Bolton.


1 Will Clulee’s Moelfamau Griffon (dog)
2 Graham West’s FT Ch Wetlands Spice of Leeglen (bitch)
3 Derek Lee’s FT Ch Lockslane Archibald (dog)
4 Martin Deacon’s Reomire Rose (bitch)

Certificates of Merit

Iain Morgan’s Cwmfferws Taran (dog)
Ron Henry’s Macgiriaght Dave (dog)
Andy Robinson’s Meadowsedge Shooting Star (bitch)

Jon Bailey and Richard Claydon

Judges Jon Bailey and Richard Claydon


Guns: Paul Rawlings, Ian Sleighton, Ayrton Wright, John Ellerton

Guns at Castle Bolton Aug 2012

The head grouse keeper and steward of the beat was Ian Sleightholm and beatkeeper John Ellerton
This estate provided absolutely ideal ground, cover and game supply for this spaniel field trial and indeed it was here in 2005 that history was made when the first two-day Cocker Championship was held. 

We were pleased to welcome Carol Steeples and Pamela Gibson, show judges, who were there to fulfil the requirement of attending an open trial before they award CCs in the show ring for the first time.  Carol has been invited to judge bitches at the North Wales Cocker Club in October 2012 and Pamela the cockers at SKC in August 2013.  Also in the gallery were the Larson family, Cocker enthusiasts from Denmark, and Domnal Creamer with three friends over from Ireland who all helped by stewarding and carrying game.

Rushes, patches of heather and other moorland flora provided plenty of hiding place for the quarry, which at this time of year was rabbits, although we did see many coveys of grouse and an odd pheasant.

We did not have to wait long before the first pair of competitors, Jason Atkinson with Naxshivans Honesty and Iain Morgan with Cwmffrws Taran were both into the rabbits.  Richard Preest’s Centrewalk Moonshell then had the opportunity to try for a rabbit shot well forward that had slipped into a small clump of heavy rush by the edge of the adjacent beck (stream).  Despite getting to the area, Moonshell came away without success. Subsequently Ron Henry was brought over to try Macgiriaght Dave and with little handling soon had the dog in the area.  Ron was obviously pleased when Dave appeared with the dead rabbit after a few seconds and a good delivery completed an excellent eye-wipe.

Derek Lee had an unfortunate start with FT Ch Lockslane Archibald when every time he set off so another shot on the other side meant waiting on the drop and a fidget or two by Archibald didn’t go un-noticed by the judge.  However, once underway this black and tan Cocker was exciting to watch as he hunted the rushes with drive.  He was taken across to complete a smart retrieve of rabbit which had defeated Wendy Openshaw handling Tiptopjack Sixpence.  When Archibald continued hunting he produced rabbits from two flushes and the retrieves were very slick to complete a good first run. Tip Top Jack Dime was unsteady and and Glenugies Grace, both handled by Ian Openshaw, were both eliminated.

Gary Heron, after a display of stylish hunting his little black Cocker Cam Crow of Ivynock lifted a rabbit from the cover when brought in to hand but did not release it very easily.  Anita Jones suffered a similar fate when she blew the whistle as Hatchetts Hurricane of Episcopi lifted another live rabbit. 

Later in the trial another dog did pick up a small live rabbit, delivered it gently to hand and after examination of the rabbit by the judge, the dog was allowed to continue.   This dog, Graham West’s FT Ch Wetlands Spice of Leeglen, was a first class hunter and a good positive flush of a rabbit subsequently gave her the chance to excel on a long retrieve.

Kate Thomson’s Meadowsedge Crackerjack chased a rabbit and Martin Deacon’s Roemire Rose had a smart flush and retrieve. An impressive performance was produced by Will Clulee with Moelfamau Griffon. 

Andy Robinson completed an excellent round with his gold bitch Meadowsedge Shooting Star. 

At the end of the first round, the leading contenders were now beginning to stand out but field trials are all about having two top class runs to get in the awards.

At the end of the second round, the judges conferred and the trial was declared completed just before 1pm without the necessity for any run-offs.  Chairman David Chudley summed up and extended thanks to the host Lord Bolton, the head grouse keeper Ian Sleightholm, the guns and everyone else who had helped with running this very successful trial.  The awards were then presented to the very worthy winners by Cocker Club Field Trial Section Secretary Lyn Randall.

Open Stake Castle Bolton August 2012

Left to right: Graham West with FTCh Wetlands spice of Leeglen,
Will Clulee with Moelfamau Griffon, Derek Lee with FTCh Lockslade Archibald

All Photos courtesy of Paul Rawlings


Held at Conholt Estate 17/12/12

Judged by Jeremy Organ & Stewart Seward


1st Nick Gregory's Voodoo Black Widow (bitch)
2nd Peter Jones's Maesydderwen Seishin (dog)
3rd James Luxford's Trognryceili Moor of Howeskye (bitch)
4th David Sowerby's Kirkstall Amethyst (bitch)

Certificates of Merit:
J Thompson's FTCH Mynyddmawr Sasha
S Tyers's Timsgarry Alpine

Open Stake Conholt Dec 2012
L-R: James Luxford, Nick Gregory, Peter Jones


Held at Conholt Estate Hampshire 18/12/12

Judged by Jeremy Organ & Kevin Barraclough:

1st: Mr & Mrs Wills' PRIORSMEADOW SHINA (Bitch) Handler - A Robinson
2nd: Mr Dai Ormond's ROWSTON SAMSON (Dog)
3rd: Mr Jeremy Davies' BISHWELL ABBIE OF DOLBRENIN (Bitch)
4th: Mr Wayne Matthews' MADAGASCAR MEG (Bitch

Certificates of Merit:




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