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held at The Empingham Estate, Rutland on 18th January 2013

 by kind permission of Mr David Padley

Judges: Paul Rawlings and Alan Hopkins-Young

The trial took place in light woodland with bramble and bracken. The game consisted of pheasants, hares, woodcock and the odd muntjac!

The host Mr Padley, a keen Cocker man, accompanied us on the trial and supplied all the competitors and officials with tea and biscuits at the start of the trial and with hot drinks and sausages at break time. These were very welcome as the trial was run in freezing conditions with  a heavy covering of snow. We are very grateful to Mr Padley for his generosity. He and his staff had worked very hard to provide us with a superb trial in very difficult conditions.

The first three dogs had all been in the awards at previous trials and their places were well deserved. After a number of seconds in previous trials Dai finally won and hopefully his win eased the pressure of a dreadful drive home to Wales in thick snow and blizzards.

Thanks to everyone who helped at the trial and particular thanks to all the competitors who turned up despite the worst road conditions of this season.


Ist Rowson Sampson, Dai Ormond
2nd Timsgarry Viking, Simon Tyers
3rd Paalbo Bride, Paul Bone


 Lindrobs Bella, D Griffiths
Oscar Wilde of Clovelly, David Chudley
Readhead Rocky, D Daley

Dai Ormond with Rowston Sampson
Dai Ormond and Rowston Sampson



1st  Moelfamau Griffon: Owner/Handler Will Clulee
FTCH Argyll Warrior ex Flora Spreadabell
2nd  Voodoo Black Widow: Owner G Philips, Handler Nick Gregory
Mallowdale Jamie ex Primevil Blue Saphire
3rd  Tudor Briar Moonwarrior: Owner Josie Tudor, Handler I Openshaw
FTCh Danderw Druid ex FTCh Randalyn Black Jazz
4th  FTCh Lockslane Archibald: Owner Derek Lee, Handler Will Clulee
FTCh Larford Evan ex Oreton Candy of Lockslane

Diplomas of Merit
Centrewalk Moonshell: Owner/Handler Richard Preest
Tudorbriar Moonstar: Owner/Handler Nick Gregory
Milden Slipper: Owner/ Handler J Thompson
Fenlord Dancing Queen: Owner/Handler Robin Laud
Mallowdale Music of Tiptop Jack: Owner Nigel Partis/ Handler I Openshaw
FTCh Wetlands Spice Of Leeglen: Owner/Handler Graham West
Jess Of Misty Valley: Owner/Handler N Thomas
FTCh Chyknell Hidie: Owner/Handler Joe Shotton
Mallowdale Maggy: Owner S Dixon/ Handler I Openshaw
FTCH Winhocklin Single Star of Tiptopjack: Owner N Partis/Handler I Openshaw
FTCh Brook Furlong of Tiptopjack: Owner N Partis/Handler I Openshaw
FTCH Tiptopjack Sixpence: Owner N Partis/Handler Wendy Openshaw
FTCh Tiptopjack Dime: Owner Nigel Partis/ Handler I Openshaw
FTCh Gournaycourt Ginger: Owner Jan Menzies/Handler John Bailey
FTCh Mallowdale Midge: Owner/Handler J Heeley

The winner of The Cocker Spaniel Club Peter Hall Trophy for the dog with the most points in the current season was:
FTCh Wetlands Spice Of Leeglen: Owner/Handler Graham West



A Novice Cocker Stake was held at Castle Bolton on 1st August 2013. The judges were Andy Robinson and Darren Skidmore. Although this was the hottest day of the year in some parts of the country the temperature was thankfully reasonably cool in North Yorkshire.

There was an abundant supply of rabbits and every dog was given the opportunity for multiple flushes and retrieves. The standard of the novice dogs was very high with nine of the sixteen entries achieving awards. The trial was completed by 12.30.
Thanks to Lord Bolton for allowing us to use his lovely estate for the trial and thanks also Ian Sleightholm for providing us with such a super day.

1st ROWSTON SNOOTY, owner Derek Lee, Handler Will Clulee
2nd Maesydderwen Scamp, Peter Jones
3rd Tibea Destiny, John Parr
4th Ffynonlas Ebony of Omachie, M. Forbes

Tiptop Jack Spiral, James Thatcher
Poolgreen Adrenaline, Will Clulee
Drumnscamp Abbey of Keredene, Owner Mr/Mrs O Neil, Handler John Bailey
Tiptop Jack Squiggle, Lee Cooper
Wrenmarsh Sweet Lady, Jason Croft


by kind permission of Mr D Ross and Mr J Chattaway

Novice:Malcolm Taylor and Steve Winspear
Open: Malcolm Taylor and Andy Robinson


Monday 21st October 2013  

1st Byrbwll Apache (B), Andy Robinson
2nd Churchview Coal (D), Jon Bailey
3rd Game Rummy (B), S Worthington
4th Timsgarry Slylark (B), Patrick Morley

Tuesday 22nd October 2013

1st Timsgarry Swift (B), Tom Skelly
2nd Kiltonbeck Katabatic (B) Steve Winspear
3rd Macgiriaent Dave (D) Ron Henry
4th Frostfields Tricky (D) Lee Cooper

FTCh Kingcott Eclipse (B) Richard Claydon
Trochry Ceilimor Of Howeskye (B) James Luxford
Hatchetts Hurricane at Episcopi (D) Anita Jones
Kingcott Midget Of Prairywood (B) Billy Slack
FTCh Poolgreen Farlow Ben (D) Derek Lee
Reomire Rose (B) Martin Deacon

FT CH Timsgarry Swift with Tom Skelly
Tom Skelly and FT Ch Timsgarry Swift,
Winner of the Cocker Spaniel Club Open Stake held at Rosedale on 22nd October 1013

What a fantastic two days we had, all our thanks go to Jim Chattaway the shoot manager, for providing us with such terrific Cocker ground and plentiful game. Jim brought his own guns and the standard of shooting over the dogs was superb, hardly anything was missed. I don't remember seeing any runners, all the game was shot dead.

The novice trial ground was on the moor and consisted of mainly rushes which were stuffed with rabbits and pheasants. In addition, three hares and one snipe were shot, to the downfall of the unfortunate dog which was told to retrieve the snipe!  Such was the quality of the ground that the trial was over by 12.30. The plentiful game supply was the downfall of many of the novice dogs and only four survived the trial. Some of those who went out were unsteady, or the handlers had difficulty getting the dogs through the cover to the retrieve. The two top dogs were superb, and had to run-off for first place. The judges had difficulty splitting them, and only when they strayed on to a neighbour's moor, with shouts and whistles from the keeper, was a decision quickly made.

There was a sporting and jovial atmosphere amongst the competitors at both trials and last year's Cocker championship winner was heard to say that it was one of the best trials he had ever been to even though he went out!
Jim had to change the planned ground for the open stake as there was thick fog on the hill in the morning. However, the ground we went to was full of game with most competitors having numerous flushes. The ground consisted of thick rushes and thick bracken which was only just starting to lay over. The retrieves were difficult, very often a long way through the cover, and Malcolm and Andy really tested the dogs.  However, the standard of dog work was mainly very high and the winning dog had a superb long retrieve through thick cover, which probably helped win him the trial. Tom completed the water test after the trial, and therefore made up his bitch and she is now a well deserved FTCh.

Most competitors remembered to thank Jim and his guns at the end of the day and that was much appreciated.



Judges: Peter Jones and David Sowerby

Southwick keeper and judges Nov 13
L-R Southwick Keeper Paul Bone, Judges Peter Jones and
David Sowerby

Guns Southwick November 2013
L-R Guns Martin Deacon, Richard Baker, Nathan Clayton
Paul Rawlings


1st Centrewalk Moonshell,  Richard Preest
2nd FTCh Wetlands Spice of Leeglen, Graham West
3rd Lynkee Timebomb, Darren Skidmore
4th Trocky Ceili Mor of Howeskye, James Luxford.

Glenurgues Heather of Murrayeden, Andy Skinner
Tudorbriar Sunweaver, Nick Gregory
Randalyn Black Dusky of Braebate, Elizabeth Kennard
Satcumo Raven from Geordiland, John Keegan
Meadowsedge Crackerjack, Kris Thompson
Macgiriaght Dave, Ron Henry
Fernmoss Flint, Roy Ellershaw

Guns choice, Darren Skidmore. Best retrieve, James Luxford

Open Stake winner Southwick Nov 2013
Open Stake Winner Richard Preest with Centrewalk Moonshell

1st Drumnascamp Abbey of Keredene, Handler John Bailey (owner D O Neil)
2nd FFynonlas Onyx, Clint Morgan
3rd Maural Jack the Lad, Ty Davies
4th Dolbrenin Geisha Girl, Jeremy Davies

Nunnery Cadwalder, Handler Nick Gregory (owner Jay Thompson)
Bright Amber Dawn, Kevin Baraclough

Guns Choice, Nunnery Cadwalder.

Novice Stake winners Southwick Nov 2013
L-R Novice Stake: 3rd Ty Davies, 1st John Bailey, 2nd Clint Morgan

The Southern Open and Novice Stake 29th and 30th November 2013 at Southwick, Hants.
The open stake was held in woodland. The cover consisted of bracken and bramble which was often very thick and high. Despite a number of stops around the wood, the birds decided that some neighbouring areas were more appealing and at times the competitors had long runs before they has a flush and retrieve.

However, the standard of dog work was superb with most dogs tackling the bramble fearlessly. The A panel judge said the standard of dog work was amongst the highest he had seen in many years. This was reflected in the awards. In addition to the first four places, 7 COM's were awarded and all had double A's. Any one of them could have won with that score in a different trial. With that sort of standard, the winner can be even more proud of his achievement. The win was especially significant as it made Richard's bitch up to FTCh.

The novice stake was also held in woodland with lighter cover than in the open and varying thickness of bracken. The bracken had hardly started to lay over due to the warm weather and with so much wild food about the the birds were not tempted to stay in the wood.  The height of the bracken sometimes made it difficult for the handlers to see their dogs working, and some of the Cockers took advantage of the situation. However, in addition to pheasants, a number of woodcock were found and most people had the opportunity to show what their dogs could do.

The nature of the trial was such that the line frequently turned at right angles in the wood making it imperative that all the gallery kept up close to the red flag. Some of the people in the gallery, some of whom were relatively new to field trials, occasionally dropped way back behind the flag and the trial had to be stopped while we found them and waited for them to catch up. It is so important for everyones safety to follow the instructions of the keeper and the chief steward, and to keep close to the red flag.

There was a good result in the novice, with six awards, and the experienced handlers taking the top awards. Jon Bailey had a long drive down to Hampshire from Derbyshire, (getting lost on the way!) but was rewarded by an excellent win.

Thank you to Paul Bone and The Southwick Shoot for giving us two excellent days. Thanks also to the judges, guns and all the helpers. Hope you got home in time to watch the rugby Peter!



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