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Judges: Nick Gregory and Alan Hopkins-Young

1st Tudorbriar Swift, Jeremy Davies
2nd Timsgarry Woodcock, Simon Tyers, handler Tom Skelly
3rd and Guns Choice, Borwood Sox, Richard Bunyan
4th Wilderswood Zeta, N Tomlinson.
COM Creccamarsh Liquorice of Soweyale, C Stanton

The trial was held in woodland with light bramble cover. There was a freezing north wind and in the early part of the trial, on the windward side of the woods, the birds had gone to find somewhere warmer. This resulted in some early competitors failing to find game. However, as the trial progressed the birds became more plentiful and the keeper kindly took us into ground reserved for another day to ensure we had enough birds. Our host Mr Padley, walked round with us all day and he was rewarded with some excellent dog work.

The marks for the top three dogs were very close with Swift just taking the edge. With both her parents being Championship winners she was a very top bred bitch.

The hot soup and homemade sausage rolls served to everyone half way round the trial were very welcome and very much appreciated. Hot drinks and biscuits were waiting for us in the shoot room when the trial was over.

The Cocker Spaniel Club wishes to thank Mr and Mrs Padley for all their kind hospitality, and to Glynn and his guns for looking after us so well.




Judges Jeremy Organ and Steve Winspear


1st Fernmoss Gertie, Roy Ellershaw
2nd Golden Nectar, Fran Ardley
3rd Dakotagun Arwin, Jason Atkinson
4th Meadowsedge Shooting Star, Andy Robinson

Drumnascamp Abbey of Keredean, D O Neil, handler Jon Bailey
Pinsark Roberta, Andy Kirk
Priorsmeadow Berillo, Darren Skidmore
GournayCourt Ginger, Jan Menzies, Handler Jon Bailey

1st Sugarbullett Ravens Quest, Andy Whitehouse
2nd Lisburn Judy, Ken Gaskell
3rd Topcourt Victor of Surefly, Stewart Seward
4th Jackshea Ted of Poolgreen, Will Clulee

Amtosk Bluebell, Tom Skelly
Tembolali Selous, Will Clulee
Whaupley Ygritte, Andy Robinson
Jill of Ellesmore at Breezybrook, J Mundy/J Ward Handler Alan Hopkins -Young
Ladecourt Zelda of Surefly, Stewart Seward
Jarus Marsh, David Chudley
....Andy Robinson.

Rosedale October 2015
Open Trial Rosedale L-R Jason Atkinson 3rd, Roy Ellershaw 1st, Fran Ardley, 2nd

The trials were held in grassy open moorland which was stuffed with rabbits and pheasants. The ground had been untouched all season and the game sat tightly so the dogs had to work really closely to the handlers so they did not miss game. The dogs had to push out the game which was sometimes reluctant to be flushed. The guns were exceptional and virtually nothing was missed so every dog had the opportunity for retrieves. On both days the trials were finished by 12.30 and we were told we only walked half a mile! The judges were full of praise for both days and A panel Judge Jeremy said the standard of dog work was exceptional, particularly in the novice stake where there were 11 awards!  Many kind compliments were received from the handlers on the standard of the ground and the professionalism of the judges and guns. The competitors themselves were good natured and sporting even in defeat! All together it was a very enjoyable two days and we were very privileged to be asked to hold our trials on this ground. Many thanks to Davis Ross and Jim Chattaway, also our judges Jeremy and Steve. Jim supervised both days even though he was suffering from a trapped nerve in his back, thanks again Jim for all your hard work to give us two fantastic days.



Novice Trial Honiton Nov 2015
Honiton Novice: Anita Jones (left) 2nd and Buzz Kennard 1st

Judges: Nick Gregory and Alan Vaughn

1st Cheweky Joup of Braebeate, Buzz Kennard
2nd Episcopi Vibe, Anita Jones
3rd Nantsannan Allforlove, Clint Morgan
4th Misselchalke Chivvy, Karen Anderson

COM and guns choice Moefamau Chief, Darren Skidmore

COM Beggarbush Gypsy, Chris John. Lisburn Judy, Ken Gaskell. Jarus Marsh, David Chudley. Jill of Ellesmore at Breezybrook, Mundy/Ward handler Alan Hopkins-Young. Harpersbrook Quantum, David Chudley.

The trial was held in woodland with bracken, and some heavier cover. The birds were plentiful and the guns shot brilliantly. It was not easy for the guns with the leaves still on the trees and having to walk through quite boggy ground in places, but they hardly missed anything which is always a huge bonus at any trial.
The standard of the novice dogs was high with ten awards and a guns choice.
It was girls' day with 1st 2nd and 4th awarded to the ladies. Well done to you all and good to see the girls giving the chaps a run for their money!
The farmhouse provided B/B for those who needed it and the rooms were like being in a five star hotel. What a lovely spot in the Devon countryside with views over the valley.
Thank you to Nick and Becca for a great trial and super hospitality. Thank you also to our judges, and our guns who helped contribute to the cost of the day. A special thanks to the stops, and also to Sabrina who walked up and down those hills all day stewarding for both sides. 







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