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Abbeystead Estate, Lancashire on the 4th and 5th January 2017

The judges for the day were Mr Jeremy Organ, Mr Steve Wanstall, Mr Ben Randall, and Mr Graham West.

1st Dai Ormond - Byrbwll Dotty 
2nd Lee Cooper - Breckmarsh Brook 
3rd & Guns Choice Jaseon Atkinson - Dakotagun Arwin 
4th Andy Waterhouse - Spritedawn Mystic 

Diploma of Merit 
Mr I Openshaw's Endowood Clowne handled by Mrs W Openshaw 
Mr J Heeley's Endowood Beatrice handled by Mr I Openshaw 
Mr M Farish's Baileys Pure Gold 
Mr J S & Mrs R Reid's Glenugie's Nalani handled by Mr I Openshaw 
Mr W Greig's Zamyendor Minnie 
Mr J Heeley's FTCh Mallowdale Georgi handled by Mr I Openshaw 
Mr W Clulee's Jacksheated of Poolgreen 
Ms J Menzies's Fernmoss Gold Dust of Gournaycourt handled by Mr J Bailey 
Mr I & Mrs L English's FTCh Broadmefarm Beau handled by Mr A Bennett 
Mr R Claydon's FTCh Kingscott Robson 
Ms A Jones's FTCh Centrewalk Willow of Episcopi 
Mr I Openshaw's Ardcaein Fall of Delphaven handled by Mr S Brewer 
Mr D Rayner's FTCh Woodash Quaver 
Mr I Openshaw's FTCh Endowood Cork 
Mr N Cannon's FTCh Countryways Alice of Craiwarn

The Cocker Spaniel Club Peter Hall Trophy for the dog which had accumulated the most points in the current season, was awarded jointly to Kingscott Robson (Richard Claydon) and Dakotagun Arwin  (Jason Atkinson)



Held at the Empingham Estate, Stamford on 25th January 2017

1st Andy Kirk's bitch Pinstart Anastasia
2nd John Eyre's bitch Trochry Serene
3rd Andy Robinson's bitch Whaupley Ygritte
4th Steve Winspear's bitch Kiltonbeck Helga
Guns Choice: Andy Whitehouse's bitch Flash Wonder

Mrs Purllant's bitch Diamondfinda Kestral
David Chudley's bitch Upwey Sark
G. Beetons Tembokali bitch Eider
Lawwrence Dewis's bitch Cundribrook Sprinkle
Andy Whitehouse's bitch Flash Wonder
Kelly Ward's dog Murrayeden Morse

Andy Kirk & Richard Padley
Andy Kirk and Richard Padley




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