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Results of the 2018 Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championship held at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk on 8th and 9th January 2018.
Congratulations to everone.

A fantastic Championship with The Queen walking round with us for part of each day and presenting the prizes at the end. A well deserved win by Jamie and his fantastic fantastic little bitch.

1st Place - Mr J Smith's Abiann Flawless

2nd Place - Mr G Davies' FTCh Heolybwlch Denman
Diploma of Merit's

3rd Place - Mr A Waterhouse's Spiriteddawn Mystic

4th Place - Miss S Thatcher's Windwithe Solitaire Of Strigidae

Diploma of Merits

Ms K Varty's FTCh Ardcaein Fall of Delphaven handled by Mr I Openshaw

Mr W Clulee's FTCh Croimhor Turn of Poolgreen

Mrs A Jones' Episcopi Kiwi

Mr W Clulee's Gatekeeper Bryn of Nederscot

Mr R Preest's Centrewalk Topaz

Mr W Clulee's FTCh Jackshea Ted of Poolgreen

Mr J Fanjul's Windwithe Winter Night handled by Mr N Gregory

Mr J & Mrs C Atkinson's FTCh Dakotagun Arwin Handled by Mr J Atkinson

Mr S Morgan's FTCh Bishwell Barcud

Mr L Cooper's FTCh Tiptopjack Ajay

Jamie Smith with Abiann Flawless
Jamie Smith and Abiann Flawless

HRH The Queen about to present the Peter Hall Trophy, Sandringham 2018
The CSC Field Trial Secretary announces the winner of the Peter Hall Trophy with
The Queen preparing to award the trophy to Mike Forbes



Judges: Alex Badger and John Sexton

1st Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook, owned by Jaquie Ward and handled by Jaeson Atkinson
2nd Ardchonnel Fao Dalach, owned and handled by Andy Robinson...
3rd Priorheath Boss Hoss, owned and handled by Jason Croft
4th Craiwarn Nibs, owned and handled by Johnathan Bailey

Lowallin Lorcan, owned and handled by Tim Phillips
Titirangi Tornado of Thistlecrack, owned and handled by Grant Branton
Upwey Sark, owned and handled by David Chudley
Countryways Macey of Fieldlines, owned and handled by Danny Bryant. Also guns choice and best novice handler.

The trial was held in very difficult conditions with torrential rain and a howling gale in the morning. At 9.00am the host decided it was not safe to go into the woods to start the trial, and he made the wise decision to delay the start to see if the weather improved. It was a worrying time as some people had travelled hundreds of mile for the trial. The host provided a warm beaters room with drinks and biscuits at the start so that helped to pass the time.
However by about 10.15am weather conditions had improved somewhat. The secretary and the host drove round the estate to decide the best and safest way to tackle the trial, and the decision was made to carry on. The trial was held in woodland with bramble and all the dogs had the same type of cover. There was an adequate supply of birds for most of the dogs, however, in some areas the birds had decamped to warmer more sheltered places and some of the dogs struggled to get a flush.
However, the competitors took it all in their stride and there was a jovial atmosphere in the gallery and among the helpers. Half way round, soup and hot sausage rolls were provided by the host for everyone in a covered barn. This was very welcome and very much appreciated. Most people stayed until the end and enjoyed tea, sandwiches and biscuits in the beaters room while waiting for the results.
The CSC would like to thank Mr Padley for all his very kind hospitality, also thanks to Richard and Johnathan for looking after us. A special thanks to Sara and Sherilee for all the lovely food and drinks provided for everyone. Thanks also to the judges Alex and John, and all the helpers. Finally thanks to all the competitors who took the awful conditions in their stride and were sporting and good natured, most stayed until the end even though it was a very late finish.

Empingham January 2018
L-R: John Sexton (Judge), Jaeson Atkinson (Handler) Jaquie Ward (owner) Alex Badger (Judge)






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