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The Kennel Club introduced the Judges Education Programme with effect from 1st January 2021.

The Programme will run parallel with the current Criteria for inclusion on The Cocker Spaniel Club Judges Lists for a period of five years (2026) after which only judges included on the Kennel Club Judges Lists, having qualified under the terms of the (JEP – Shows), may officiate as a Judge at any Kennel Club event.

For those Judges who have already embarked upon their judging career and wish to progress under the terms of the CSC Criteria, you should be aware that after the end of the five year transitional period, the Club will no longer manage and maintain Judging Lists. The only available route to judging will be via the JEP-Shows. The Kennel Club will publish the lists of judges on-line via the “Find A Judge” facility.

The Cocker Spaniel Breed Education Coordinator is Lorraine Palmer:
with responsibility for arranging seminars and mentoring sessions in your local area – including BAD/MCE and A3/Level 4 Assessments.
For further advice and/or information about mandatory seminars and progressing your judging career, please contact the Judges List Administrator or CSC Secretary.

Breed Appreciation Day/Multiple Choice Examination
All breed clubs are required to hold a ‘Breed Appreciation Day and Multiple Choice Examination’ (BAD/MCE) at least every two years from 1 January 2021.

JEP (BS) Level progression
Briefly the detail for each level is:

Level 1 Judge
• Minimum of 5 years proven interest in pedigree dogs
• Attended a Kennel Club Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination).
• Attended a Kennel Club Conformation and Movement seminar.
• Complete a minimum of 2 full day stewarding appointments .

A JEP Level 1 judge can only judge up to 3 classes (4 if one is a Puppy class) for any breed at Limited or Open Shows.

Level 2 Judge

First breed:
• Take and pass Requirements of a Dog Show Judge examination
• Pass Points of a Dog assessment
• Attended a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for the respective breed.
• View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz
• Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz.

Subsequent breeds:
• Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for each breed. Note: Not mandatory for Group Judge for breeds in the group that they are not approved at Level 4, but attendance strongly recommended.

A JEP Level 2 judge can judge
• Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at Limited, Open or Championship Shows (no CC’s).
• Any Variety Classes, Groups and Best in Show Limited Shows.

Level 3
• Undergo minimum of 3 mentoring sessions with a minimum of 12 months between first and third session
• Be observed judging at a breed club show, breed supported entry show or championship show without CCs.
• Have achieved the relevant hands-on experience in line with the stated requirements for the relevant Stud Book Band
• Complete remaining 10 days full day stewarding appointments (one-time qualification)
• Have owned/bred a minimum of 3 dogs when the obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book – save for exceptional circumstances. (one-time qualification in which a judge awards CC’s).
• Attended the appropriate sub-group Field Trial/Open Gundog Working Test for first gundog breed or Ring Procedure at Licensed Shows (German Shepherd Dog Education Programme online exam (one time qualification)

A JEP Level 3 judge can judge:
• Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at Limited, Open or Championship Shows (no CC’s)
• Any Variety classes Group and Best in Show at Limited Show

Level 4 – CC Judge
• Attend and passed a Breed Specific Assessment for the specific breed run by the Kennel Club

A level 4 Judge can judge:
• Award Challenge Certificates in that respective breed.
• Any Variety classes, Groups and Best in Show at Open and Limited Shows






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