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October 12th – 13th The Cocker Spaniel Club held a Novice and an Open Cocker Spaniel Trial at Hensol, Castle Douglas by kind permission of Lady Henderson.

Judges were Mr John Holloway and Mr Rodney Chapple.

1 Mr M Smee’s Cheweky Bovril
2 Mr E Scott’s Mallowdale Babs
3 Mr A Robinson’s Rowston Serana
4 Messrs K & D Chudley’s Elan Tania of Harpersbrook.
C of M: Mr D J A Openshaw’s Harpersbrook Wonderful, Mr L Fisher’s Birkamoor Shogun, Mr D Ormond’s Rowston Rachael, Mr R Claydon’s Kingcott Jasmine, Mr W D Bell’s Windmillwood Kara of Birkamoor and Mr S Winspear’s Kiltonbeck Sprite.

1 Mr & Mrs PE Jones’ FT Ch Priorsmeadow Dancer
2 Mr S Winspear’s Kiltonbeck Goldie
3 Mr E Scott’s FTCh Kingcott Dell
4 Mr DJA Openshaw’s FT Ch Mallowdale Olga.
C of M: Mrs E Constantine’s FT Ch Timsgarry Kelly, Mr S Tyers’ Timsgarry Simpson, Mr J Shotton’s Chyknell Brit, Mr R Ellershaw’s FT Ch Fernmoss Nightingale, Mr R Claydon’s Clardon Larch of Kingcott, Mr & Mrs C Oakley’s Cut Gate Violetta, Mr W Clulee’s Lulsley Jackson, Mr A Robinson’s Bryncerdin Awenna, Mrs J Menzies’ Gournaycourt Morag and Mr J Mansfield’s Ivy Falls.

November 06-07 The Cocker Spaniel Club held Open and Novice Cocker Spaniel Trials at Hamptworth Estate, Nr Redlynch, Wilts by kind invitation of Mr D Anderson.

Judges were Mr Paul Rawlings and Mr John Crawford.

1 Mr & Mrs MJ Wills’ b FT Ch Maesydderwen Sash
2 Mr W Clulee’s d Lulsey Jackson
3 Mr P Makepeace’s b Mallowdale Tessa
4 Mrs W Knight’s d Abbeyoaks Thorne
C of M: Mr R Wildsmith’s Black Bumble of Barnway.

1 Mrs J Campton’s b Trederwen Nant Wechan
2 Mr A Robinson’s b Rowston Serana
3 Mr & Mrs MJ Wills’ b Wernffrwd Mai
4 Mr D Ormond’s d Rowston Sebastian
C of M: Mr A Hopkins-Young’s Harpersbrook Velcro, Mr & Mrs S Jones’ Wirewolf Aster at Episcopi, Mr JM Taylor’s Norbeck Abbey of Biteabout, Mrs L Randall’s Wirewolf Lily of Randalyn and Mr J Mansfield’s Fimber Wren


Scottish Field Trials October 5th - 6th. The Cocker Spaniel Club held a Novice & Open Cocker trial at Hensol, Castle Douglas by kind permission of Lady Henderson.

The judges were Mr Will Clulee and Mr Michael Wills.

1 Mr R. Crowther's Blackmoorfoot Bee
2 Mr A Robinson's Kristin Stiera
3 Mr S Tyers's Timsgarry Eagle
4 Mr S Tyers Little Midge of Timsgarry
Certificate of Merit were awarded to Mr B Whittaker's Holly Jenny Wren, Mr J Prentice's Elan Katy and Mrs A Jones's Randalyn Ink.

1 Mr Tyer's FT Ch Timsgarry Simpson
2 Mrs E Constantine's Timsgarry Valtos
3 Mr J Mansfield's Ivy Falls
4 Mr & Mrs P Jones's Wetlands Holly
Cof M: Mr E Scott's FT Ch Kingcott Dell, Mr A Robinson's Brynerdin Awenna, Mr Menzies's Gournaycourt Morag and Mr D Ormond's Rowston Rachel.

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