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Field Trial Results 2008

The Field Trial section of the Cocker Spaniel Club held a NOVICE COCKER STAKES on Friday 25th January at the Neville Holt Estate. The Judges were Jeremy Organ and David Sowerby.

1st Mr J Mansfield's bitch Woldtop Swift
2nd Mr W Clulee's dog Argyll Chiefton
3rd Mr L Wales's bitch Timsgary Elm
4th place Mrs A. Jones's bitch Randalyn Ink of Episcopi

The following dogs each received a Certificate of Merit: Mr A Robinson's dog Kiltonbeck Warlord, Mr R Barker's bitch Rosebank Heather, Mr Deacon's bitch Woolpitts Peanut and Mr J Salt's dog Lovies Patch.


Held at Hensol, Castle Douglas. The Judges were George Cunningham and Lyn Randall for the Novice Stake, George Cunningham and Andrew Cunningham for the Open Stake

1st Joe Shotton's Cyknell Hidie
(Also Best Retrieve and Best Hunting Dog)
2nd Terry Frost's Fernmoss Moonshine (Handled by John Bailey)
3rd Mr J Prenticre's Elan Katie (Handled By David Chudley)
4th Andrew Robinson's Bryncerdin Awenna

Certificate of Merit
W Bell's Kenmilquin Kim Of Bitkamore W Bell
Anita Jones' Wirewolf Aster of Episcopi
M Wills' Werffrwd Mai (Handled by Peter Jones)

NOVICE 3rd October 2008
Ist Andrew Robinson's Kitonbeck Warlord
2nd Andrew Robinson's Whaupley Cappuccino
3rd Steve Winspear's Kiltonbeck Napoleon
4th France Brooks' Fernmoss Freddie

Certificate of Merit
Mr A Hopkins-Young's Lemon Ellie (Handled by David Chudley)
M Wills' Maesydderwen Sarong (handled by Peter Jones)
Linda Hudson's Timsgarry Eagle

NOVICE and OPEN STAKES 3 and 4 November 2008 at the Hamptworth Estate Wiltshire.

The Cocker Club held their Novice and Open Cocker Spaniel Field Trials on 3rd and 4th November 2008 at the Hamptworth Estate, Wiltshire, by kind permission of Mr Donald Anderson. The judges were Andy Robinson and David Chudley.

Both trials were held on superb ground of laid over bracken with light bramble. The keeper, Paul Bowyer worked very hard for us and ensured that all the dogs had very similar ground and birds were in plentiful supply. Paul loves the spaniels and certainly went out of his way to ensure the trial was one of the most successful of the season. The guns were all expert shots, and being trialling people themselves, they knew exactly what was required for the little Cockers. In fact, the winner of the Open stake, Peter Jones, said in his winning speech that the ground must rank amongst the best in the country for spaniel trials. This was praise indeed for the Hamptworth Estate as Peter trials his dogs all over the country and is one of the most respected professional handlers of Cocker Spaniels.

All the dogs had the chance to show off what they could do and an excellent standard of dog work was demonstrated. The winner of the novice stake, Linda Hudson is very new to field trials, this being her first season, and she excelled by taking all the major awards with her little Cocker bitch Timsgarry Eagle. She beat her mentor and trainer Simon Tyers into second place and, in her winning speech, she kindly acknowledged the help he had given her.

A new trophy, The Hedley Millington Memorial Cup, was kindly donated by Mrs Hedley Millington, in memory of Hedley who sadly died recently. Hedley was known as ‘The Cocker Man’ and is fondly remembered by many of the Cocker people.

Peter Jones took the winning trophy in grand style in the open stake and also won the award for the best retrieve of the day with his superb little dog, Wetlands Abe. This qualifies his dog for an entry in the Cocker Championships.

There was a great atmosphere at both trials with handlers being able to laugh at their dog’s misdemeanours. If you have a Cocker you must have a sense of humour as these little dogs can catch you out if attention wavers for a second!

A great day was had by all and thanks to Paul, The Hamptworth Estate and to Skinners Dog Food for sponsoring the trials.

Lyn Randall
Hon. Field trial Secretary
Cocker Spaniel Club (Field Trial Section)


1st Timsgarry Eagle - Linda Hudson
also Best Bitch, Best Amateur Handler and Guns Choice .
2nd Little Midge of Timsgarry - Simon Tyers
3rd Maesydderwen Sublimity- Peter Jones
4th Windmilwood Penny of Ammerdown – T. Ballinger

Certificate of Merit
Jackerlantern Tuti Fruiti - Kevin Barraclough
Argyle Chiefton – Will Clulee
Randalyn Ink of Episcopi – Anita Jones

1st Wetlands Abe - -Peter Jones
also best retrieve of the day
2nd Kirkstall Basil – David Sowerby
also best amateur handler in the open stake.
3rd Trederwen Nant Wechan- Jane Campton
4th Wirewolf Aster of Episcopi – Anita Jones

Certificate of Merit
Maesydderwen Silhouette – Jeremy Davis
Randalyn Black Jack – Andy Bennett

Linda Hudson
Linda Hudson
Novice Stake winner at the Hamptworth Estate Wiltshire on 3rd November 2008
She also won the trophies for Best Amateur Handler, Best Bitch and Guns Choice.

David Sowerby
David Sowerby
proudly displaying his awards for 2nd place & Best Amateur Handler,
Open Stake on 4th November 2008

Anita Jones
Anita Jones
having a rest during the open stake on 4th November 2008


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